Sunday, September 27, 2009

Beautiful Fall Sunday

I've had a pretty relaxing day at home. We finally got some sunshine. It's been cloudy and rainy for weeks it seems. I can tell that I'm getting stonger since I stopped taking the chemo. I worked for 38hrs. this past week and the week before. Something I just could not do while taking treatments. They told me at the cancer center that some people have no trouble working during their treatments. Kinda made me feel like a wuss. I really believe that the treatments were going to kill me before the cancer.
Anyway, Iam just sitting here on this computer with my kitten in my lap. Every time I start to type she climbs in my lap and goes to sleep.
This weekend I've started looking at some other blogs. Cancer affects us all in many different ways,I know, but a lot of symptoms are the same. My doctor has already said that since my cancer had spread that they cannot tell me that I can ever be cancer free.again and have to live with it as I can. Reading other blogs makes me feel that I'm not so alone.


  1. Oh my you are not alone.

    Sending you strength and courage.

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