Friday, November 6, 2009


Its Friday and its a beautiful day. About 70 degrees farenheight. Clear skies and I dont have to work today.Ive just been enjoying the day with my honey.We went to a nice little place for lunch called New Friends. Its in an old store building in our small town. They have good food. Then we ran some errands and went to the pet store and bought some small mice for our snake. Well really shes my husbands snake. Her name is Betty Lou. Its kinda strange I guess but since Ive had cancer I enjoy taking care of animals. If I had the time to go over I would like to become a vet.
Lately the cancer hasnt affected me too badly. At least since I stopped taking the chemotherapy I dont have to deal with the hours sitting while the medicine drips in or the side effects, which were terrible. but I know that this reprieve is only temporary. Unfortunately cancer doesnt just go away. But I sure hope and pray It will!
Well sorry so short but I am going to cook some supper. Nothing fancy. Maybe just some rice with beefstew over it.

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