Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Tuesday Evening

I went for my labwork yesterday. I must have been more nervous about going back to the doctor than I thought. All the night before I had such a headache. I tried sleeping it away but that didn't work. So I took some aspirins. That helped, but I could still feel the headache hanging around waiting to come back. And it did. So I ended up not working yesterday. And I really wanted to at least get in half a day. They are being so nice about everything at work,when I need to be absent and leave early. And I really appreciate that.
Everything went well at the cancer center. The people there are so nice. It kinda seemed strange using my port for my bloodwork. But I thank God for having it. It is so much less painful than having to be stuck by needles. My veins roll. They never used to do that for the occasional times that I had blood tests before but after getting stuck so many times they sure do now. Well next monday will be the PET and CT scans. I pray for a good report.

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