Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Thak You GOD!

Yes! Thanks to GOD! I went to my cancer doctor today. He had the PET and CT scan results. He reviewed the scans with me and my honey and compared the scans taken right after my surgery with the recent ones. They showed that cancer cells in my pelvic region, up near my abdomen,and on my lung were shrinking and seem to be healing! Isn't that great!This is the best news that I've had in 2 years! He said that everything is going good. He is going to keep an eye on me. So I will have to have PET and CT scans made again around March but no more colonoscopies. My colon has no more cancer! I am so happy! I hope and pray everyone gets good news too!


  1. Hello there and thank you for passing by my blog..
    I'm so pleased your healing, its such a traumatic time.. hang in there girlie and fight the fight xxx

  2. That is such brilliant news, you couldnt ask for a better Christmas present! Keep fighting xx